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  • September 1 2014
    Hey All,

    Happy Labor Day!

    Throughout the course of today you will receive double experience points for your attacks!


  • September 1 2014
    Diamond Lottery Winnings!

    Shexoo won the lottery jackpot of 365 diamonds. Congratulations!
  • August 30 2014
    Hey All,

    Labor Day is just around the corner and we are kicking off the celebrations today!

    All packs in the Donate Now section are Buy One Get One Free until the 3rd of September around 6PM!

    We have also added a Special Offers Calendar to the Donate Now page, so you can see when we have our Buy One Get One Free offers on the packs, and keep up to date with those offers so you can plan ahead.
    You will notice that in all our games our sales will now be in different dates and not all at the same time as before, so make sure you check it out so you know when those offers are coming in each game!

    You will see two new Premium Properties available for sale at the Repossessed Property Auctions with no reserve!

    You will find Will Potions also when searching the Streets!

    We are crediting everyone with 50 extra turns to search the Streets today!

    There is more coming over the next few days so keep an eye on the Announcements!